Kevin – The Dynamite Dyslexic Writes ; Gave up at the age of 12 after 7 years of hours and hours trying to read but only really using memory after long struggles to read music. The notes simply ‘jiggled’. Find out more about Meares/Irlens here….

Sheet music - can't read it.

Many children and adults who come to see us tell us that they “used to” learn a musical instrument but don’t now. During the assessment, it becomes apparent that they have Irlen syndrome, and when they looked at their music, the lines would move or look wavy, the notes would change places, or just fade away. For those who say that they still play, they invariably say that they cannot sight read the music, they have to memorise it. We have some music sheets that are copied onto different coloured paper, and so when we show them the music on the coloured paper, they are amazed at how the notes are “not moving” and it is SOOOO EASY to read the music. So, if your child or someone you know has had difficulty reading music, ask them how the lines and the notes look. They may not have ever thought that it might be HOW the music looks, that has made it so hard to read the music. Ask them to try photocopying a page of music onto a coloured paper that they “like” looking at, and see if it makes it easier for them.