Kevin – The Dynamite Dyslexic Writes:This section is about what I call the 4D’s of Music Learning Diversity – DIFFERENCES, DIFFICULITIES, DISABILITIES and music is just too DAUNTING for most everyone!

This part of the website is to help you find information and news and case  studies and stories that highlight each of these and may just help you discover things about you that you didn’t realise that will help you move forward into learning, reading, playing, sharing and even teaching and mentoring others. Music Making is simply the most awesome thing anyone can do to improve happiness, mental health, educational improvement and overall wellbeing.

For example here’s an article about Meares/Irlen Syndrome. If I had known I had this at the age of 12 my life with music would have been completely changed! LINK. Good luck with finding what makes you truly special. And even if you have NO DIFFICULTIES or DISABILITIES you will have Music Making DIFFERENCES in your style. Are you a Squiggle or Box? Are you Red or Blue? Each of these learning styles will make your way to learn almost the opposite of the one you didn’t choose!

Our Personal Learning Style DIFFERENCES – Go to page –  these are the the things that we can love or hate to do – like stick with the same thing for hours or have to keep doing different things. Like wanting the ‘big picture’ or the detail. These are our learing styles that come as part and parcel of our unique selves and for all ages and all abilities.

Our Music and Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEN/D) DIFFICULTIES  & DISABILITIES  –  – Go to page –  specifically these 2D’s are applied in educational settings – be it school or adult learning. Given the title SEN/D they can be recognised or not, diagnosed or not and allowances and accessibility solutions applied ….or not!

Our Life’s, Lifelong or Later in Life DIFFICULTIES  & DISABILITIES – – Go to page –  those things that affect us like ageing and eyesight and memory loss. The power of music to create changes in the way our minds and bodies work as well as the healing power of music therapy with trained experts has long been recognised but music is just too DAUNTING to try to learn or teach that this amazing antidote to life’s issues goes begging.

Music is just too DAUNTING. – Go to page –  it’s here where you will find the reasons why people a/ don’t think they can learn and they may be right with the way it is now b/ bother then give up c/ struggle for life and never get anywhere beyond 3 chords banged out on the piano or guitar (me!!!).