The Way To F.A.S.T! Loving & Learning Music

Welcome From Us - The Mini-Mentors with The Dynamite Dyslexic's Difficulities Team....

I'm O.L.L.I.E! I'm one of Happy's Mini-Mentor Emojis. It stands for Over-Learning and Locked-In-Exercises!You think you can't, you don't want to, or it's just too DIFFICULT to learn and play music! You're right with the way it's taught now!!!

And that's with over 1,000 years of everyone trying to learn the complex Traditional Notation System (TNS)..... and also with OVER 500 Patents and attempts to make music learning easier - with NO mentions of solutions for people with learning or life's difficulties like Dyslexia, Dycalculia, Dysmusia, Visual Difficulties, Mental and Physical Disabilities like Age related and Alzheimers - at all - except Braille.

Up to 7 years of learning pain - often on your own with no-one to motivate and mentor you.

Well here's how it all can change - for YOU and your Mummy, Major or Maestro Mentor - see for our Mentors site!

We know music has GOT to be Fun Accessible Simple Teachable. That's F.A.S.T! Learning - for every age - every ability - everybody - everywhere.

With our three Mini-Mentors we are here to...

1. Get you going learning, loving, playing, singing reading music

2. Keep you going for life by having fun PLAYING with music making - that's where J.O.L.L.I.E comes in he's Joyful  Over-Learning and Locked-In-Exercises!

3. Helping and mentoring you with Life's Learning Difficulties and Visual and other Disabilities that you might think stop you making music.

Coming Soon...Meet Happy and The H.O.L.L.I.E's

The Way To WOWW! 5 Ways of Wonderful Wellbeing

Hi I'm J.O.L.L.I.E! I'm the Lifelong Learning Mentor one of Happy's Mini-Mentors. It stands for Joyful Over-Learning and Locked-In-Exercises!

O.L.L.I.E gets you going by showing you the Hi-5! xTimes way of Music Learning Magic with Letters, Colours, Numbers 'n Numerals, Lines 'n Spaces, Ruffly and Fluffy's (Touchy-Feely tactile teaching strips!)

My Mini-Mentor role is to KEEP you going and make the music learning last for LIFE.

How? Simply by doing the learning over the Hi-5! xTimes way. It's called the Ebinghaus Forgetting Curve but I call it the J.O.L.L.I.E Good Remembering Curve!

Once you've learned something go back 5 xTimes - and Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year - even if you think you know it and Hey Presto! Memory Learning Magic.

What's even more important is that you have FUN and PLAY! Yep! Enjoy doing it again using any of the other learning styles besides the main one that suits you - like the colours or Emoji Mode 'n Mood Characters. Yes! Have FUN! And PLAY with others - your Mummy, Master or Maestro Mentors and anyone else too.

Music is a Wellbeing activity and to CONNECT as well as BE ACTIVE, TAKE NOTICE, KEEP LEARNING and GIVE - pleasure to others and yourself is what music is all about.

Coming Soon - More Ways To Have PLAY and have FUN!

The Way To Overcoming The 3D's of Differences, Difficulties and Disabilities

Hi I'm D.O.L.L.I.E  - It stands for helping with the Over-Learning and Locked-In Learning for the 3D's of  Learning Differences and Life's Difficulties and Disabilities.

We ALL have Learning Differences. Yes ALL of us - That's 100% of everybody. And 20% of us - that's 1 in 5 people you know and meet - will have a Learning Difficulty or one of Life's Visual, Mentalor Physical Liabilities. And so far there are no 'reasonable adjustments' like those required by law to help EVERYONE learn.

The really cool and great thing is that if you get it 'right' for the 20% of people your REALLY get it right for the 80% of everyone else. That's 100& Success. That's my job as the 3D's Mini-Mentor. To help and guide you as you and your own Music Mentor learn to play and PLAY!

Whether its a Multi-Sensory way of learning by sight, sound, sense, touch, feel or it's Multi-Modal way of learning by Letters, Colours, Characters 'n Pictures, Words, Numbers and Numerals of Notes and Chords every combination works differently for everybody.

That's why we have made the 3D's Way of Overcoming our unique Learning Differences and Difficulties and Disabilities in a mix of ways that let you learn the way that's best for YOU!

Coming Soon - Learn & Love It... MORE!

Join Us - The Dynamite Dyslexic's 3D's Team and Make Music Magic - Today and For Life!

The Dynamite Dyslexic aka Kevin M Thomson Says...

It all started with coloured dots on my keyboard and guitar fret-board to try to learn and play music after a lifetime of learning difficulties, upset and frustration at not being able to play - only 3 chords really loudly!

it grew into a complete Emoji-Go! based learning system and style and then a 25,000 words and design Patent to show the way to a new style of £D based learning.

What is it? Emoji - E= Picture Moji=Character Go = 5 & it means Language in Japanese. Add them all together with the latest research on Education Over-Learning and Locked-In-Exercises and lots of other Music Wellbeing and 3D Health benefits and Hey Presto! My Mission - To help as many people as I can to learn, laugh and love  playing music.

Even if ALL you discover is how to adapt your own learning, mode, style and difficulty to learning music any other way - be it Multi-Sensory, Multi- Modal and most of all Multi-Motivational then I've done what I can to bring attention to the 3D's of Music Making Magic and Ways of Wonderful Wellbeing - that's a WOWW!

Rocky Rocks

What's Next?.

We're madly working on developing the next Hi-5! things;

  1. The ELA Emoji-Go! Learning Academy
  2. The Flat.oi Music Notation Sheet Music Lessons and Exercises
  3. The site for Members
  4. The site for Music Mentors - The Mummy, Master and Maestro Mentors
  5. The MusLEXic Beta Test Research Phase of all the above in 2018 for a full launch in 2019!