The New Happy Clapology of Rhythm ‘n Rests – Made FUN!

Image result for suzuki rhythm wordsHere’s the video (link) of a music teacher using his favourite version of the Kodaly Method (taken from the ‘French time name system’ or more accurately the ‘Galin-Paris-Chevé system’). There are other systems too to try to make this really complicated process easy. It REALLY got me thinking about how to use emojis (6 Billion sent every day!) that evoke EMOTION – not just making a NOISE like….. Ta a a or Ta Tiki (really difficult for ADHD and dyslexia top remember random words or parts of words;  or even…. 1 and a 2 and a (really difficult if you have Dyscalculia! It HAS to be F.A.S.T!  Fun 0 Accessible  Simple Teachable!

Who best to make learning F.A.S.T! than with the HAPPY FAMILY?! Emoji faces with expression so…. you can associate the 1. NOTE with 2. the FACE  3. the EXPRESSION 4. the LENGTH OF THE LAUGH with each face 5. all with the way YOU laugh too as you practice by CLAPPING + LAUGHING OUT LOUD – LOL!

What do you do when you are HAPPY! You LAUGH! How??? And they ALL start with an H! So no confusion there.  1

1/4  1/2  Whole when you go “Ha Ha Ha” and LAUGH OUT LOUD  LOL! 1/4 Note = Ha  …. 1/2 Note = Ha-a  Whole Note = Ha a-a-a. Ha with the H is the sound form the start (it’s called the istus!) The ‘a’ is the sound when we breath out as we laugh longer.

He He He –  Laugh with the giggles

Hu Hu Hu – The breathy one

Ho Ho Ho – Like Santa

And the HALF NOTE adds the extra ‘a’ OR for the Quarter notes and less it adds the note volwe with the next lower value/length

Ha >Ha-He

He > He-Hu