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From MusLEXica Multi-CHROM& Super Staff ‘n Tabs – TO –  Music Theory Mono-Chrome Treble and Bass Clef & Tabs

The Dynamite Dyslexic Says: Here’s my first (sample Beta page) Test Page With See how to Learn Below

O.L.L.I.E says……Find The Right Notes Super F.A.S.T! 

F.A.S.T! = Fun Accessible Simple Teachable! 

With My Side-By-Side Hi-5! xTimes Learning Guide + Music Theory Keyboard. Lesson 1 – Have Fun! 

Hi I’m O.L.L.I.E – It stands for Over-Learning and Locked-In-Exercises. I help you to learn music the F.A.S.T! Way.

I make it Fun – so you love learning. I make it Accessible and Adjustable to your learning Differences, Difficulties and Disabilities. I make it Simple with the Super Spectrum for Note recognition and with Happy and the Emoji Smileys for Mode and Mood recognition. I make it Teachable -by the Music Mentors not just teachers – the Mummy Mentors; the Major Mentors for older learners; the Maestro Mentors who need help as music teachers, writers, helpers and music makers to help reach people of all ages and all abilities.

NB For now this is a web page preview prior to going on the MUSLEXIC Learning Academy.

On the LEFT hand Click On Note Finder….  

It’s now  Music-Memory Time To Practice –  in Mono-Chrome – Do it Hi-5! xTimes with this note finder

Click on the right notes – See your score. Get better and better – faster and faster – The Hi-5! xTimes Way

On the Right Hand Super Staff Memory Maker…

It’s Muscle-Memory + Music-Memory Time To Picture This in your mind as you play and PLAY! in Super Spectrum Multi-Chrome – Do it Hi-5! xTimes  with  (soon to be launched).

Sing, Say, Touch ‘n Feel, Play, Hear the right notes on your Keyboard or Fretboard as well.

Get better and better – easier and easier – The Hi-5! xTimes Way

On the Keyboard Page Player Make Music As You Learn

Sing, Say, Touch ‘n Feel, Play, Hear the right notes on your Virtual HERE!

Flip to the new page and see how much you remember of the Note Names, Sharps and Flats and where they all are!

From Multi-Chrome SuperStaff Learning With The EMOJI-GO! Mini-Mentors To Mono-Chrome Grand Staff Learning with thanks to

If you have to/want to/can read Traditional Notation Systems in mono-chrome i.e. black on white notation here’s a great way to do it with lessons and exercises. They are just GREAT for practicing the Hi-5! Way to Learning, Playing and Sharing music – for life!

The Apple App (not Android) can be bought too to support them. Here’s my Hi-5! Way to O.L.L..I.E’s Over-Learning And Locked-In-Exercises.

My Hi-5! xTimes –  Multi-Memory Learning Guide

This is how to learn the Multi-Sensory Way! Say It – Sing It – Touch ‘n Feel It – Play It – Hear It …..Do each x5

This is how to learn the Multi-Modal Way! Letters – Colours – Sharps ‘n Flats – Lines ‘n Spaces – Ruffy ‘n Fluffys…..Do each x5

This is how to learn the Multi-Memory Way Over-learn x5 First. Then Locked-In-Learning x5 An Hour, Day, Week, Month Year Later.

And no more Every Good Boy stuff! See below!!! You can remember EVERY order of Lines and Sapces – up and down with ONE Rhyme – To Rule Them All!

The Lord Of The RingTones – One Rhyme To Rule Them All. The Lines + Spaces Musemonic

One Rhyme To Rule Them All

Lines or Spaces To Find Them

One A to G To Bring Them All

And in the Rainbow Bind Them

All Children Enjoy Games Before Drinks+ Food – All Children…

D.O.L.I.E says….Every Good Boy Deserves FORGETTING!!!

The Ten Terrible Terrors and Traumas of the Treble + Bass
Mind Numbing – Mixed Up – Maddening – Mnemonics
That Everybody Teaches – WHY?????
And For Whom?? You? And not SpLD’s Like Dyslexia or ADHD!!

Hello I’m D.O.L.L.I.E It stands for overcoming Differences Difficulties and Disabilities with Over-Learning and Locked-In-Exercises.

If you think that the traditional teaching method of learning the Staff Lines and Spaces onthe Treble and Bass Clef is DIFFICULT for everybody or anybody what about if you have the 3D’s – Learning Differences (we all have) + Learning Difficulties + Life’s Visual and Other Disabilites! That’s why we LOVE The One Rhyme To Rule Them All.

Here’s what I think in the Ten Terrible Terrors and Traumas of the Treble and Bass Clef Music Mnemonics of Every Good Boy Deserves Forgetting…..

1.Four DIFFERENT mnemonics to remember – 2 for Treble 2 For Bass Clef – eeeeek! Bad enough for anyone never mind SpLD’s – Specific Learning Difficulties.

1.The Treble Clef Lines e.g. Every Good Boy Deserves Fun or Food or Favour or ‘fraid to say FORGETTING!

2.The Treble Clef Spaces – FACE

3.The Bass Clef Lines  e.g.  Good Boys Deserve Fun or Food or Favour Always

4.The Bass Clef Spaces e.g. All Cows Eat Grass

2.There are 3 sentence mnemonics and I word mnemonic i.e. FACE creating different learning style So..

1.Trying to remember a sentence or the letters EGBDF or (confusingly) a word (FACE) while trying to decipher the notes on a Staff (on a black on white high contrast sheet of music) is beyond a nightmare – especially with Visual Stress or other SpLD’s

2.Even trying to find one note on a line or space requires the learner to recite a sentence. “Now is that Every Good Boy – Oh yes it’s a B!” Because thereis no ONE system that makes the learning device self completing across the Staves.

3.There is NO connection between the memory aids of Treble and Bass Clef and so terrible confusion is created  trying to remember things with Good Boys and a FACE, and Good Boys and Cows Eating Grass on two separate Clefs

4.The confusion is further exacerbated by the complete separation of mnemonic device between lines and spaces on each Clef i.e. Good Boys and FACE’s or Good Boys and Cows – what have they got to do with each othewr??

5.There is NO link to the Alphabet with any of the 4 mnemonics .

6.The mnemonics are only useful as sentences when going UP the scales – not down. The sentences make NO sense when going down the notes so useless for putting those notes into the ‘Good Boy’ learning system

7.The Mnemonics do NOT start on A and end on G (apart from All Cows Eat Grass) which only give 4 Spaces but not the Ledger Spaces and are thus alienated from the Alphabet

8.The CRITICAL ledger lines are COMPLETELY ignored above and below the Treble and Bass Clef

9.THE most important line is Middle C  which is not included in either Bass of Treble mnemonics

10.None of the above have any other visual reference guide as for example the A to G Sound Spectrum making memory reliant of monochrome memory with no ‘tags’ to assist the learning – with either words, notes, keys or frets.



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