Welcome To Chance To Be The Awesome Amazing ABLE New Musical YOU! From The Dynamite Dyslexic 3D’s Learning Team

We’re Passionate about helping EVERY Aptitude, EVERY Age and EVERY Ability to learn, love, laugh and share in the JOY of music making. We call it The TRIPLE A ACCESSIBILITY of Instant Inclusivity For All – Aptitude Age Ability – with or without learning difficulties or life’s difficulties disabilities!

We’re Obsessive about bringing the POWER of music learning, playing, singing, reading, writing, teaching, sharing to EVERYONE With the World Leading (UK Patent Pending) DOUBLE WHAMMY WHOLE BRAIN & BODY Way Of Wellbeing Through Music. That’s a WOW!

We’re Challenging The Statues Quo. How? Three Ways….1. Re-imagining Music Learning with the 7 MusLEXica Learning Q & As we asked ourselves 2. Overcoming The 7 Music Learning unABLES that we face as well. 3. Delivering The 7 COLOURS of Multi-Memory Emoji-Go! Music Making Magic.

Are we helping you to learn music for its own sake? NO! You get SO much more from even the smallest things you can do when you learn and play and share the joys of music. HOW?

So….What’s The DOUBLE WHAMMY WHOLE BRAIN Way of Wellbeing WOW!???

The Double Whammy is that music is a ‘Whole Multi-Modal Brain‘ and ‘Whole Multi-Sensory Body‘ Activity working TOGETHER. With your ‘Left Brain’ – the maths and science part – and your ‘Right Brain’ – the art and imagination part of your mind – PLUS almost all your senses and body movement firing off together there is NOTHING like music to increase your Health, Wellbeing and also your Educational Ability and skills in life – at every stage of your life. There is a MASS of awesome research to prove it!

And….. What’s The TRIPLE A ACCESSIBILITY of Instant Inclusivity???

In over 500 attempts and Patents to try to improve the (dull, difficult and daunting) 1,000 year old traditional system of music there is only one mention in one patent sentence of only one Learning Difficulty (dyslexia) and none of the other of Life’s Visual Difficulites and Mental and Physical Disabilites; apart from the already established system of Braille Music. of Music Learning SOLUTIONS is…..zip!

Our World First approach is not just to look at the Health and Wellbeing power of music – for the 80% of people without learning or other difficutlties but to pioneer and deliver 21st Century solutions for the ‘Triple A Accessibility of Inclusivity. What is the first Triple A? It’s Aptitude – and YES we all have it! Aptitude is so much more than just your skill level, which is why we focus on so much more than your music learning skills throug our 7 Q & A’s of MusLEXica Learning.

7 MusLEXica Learning Q & A‘s

  1. HOW do you learn? With a TOTAL of 7 Colour Ways of Wellbeing – see below..
  2. WHEN do you learn? At ANY age and EVERY age – the earlier OR later is no better – NOW is best!
  3. WHO do you learn with and how do they teach, mentor and interact with you? Do they do it in their way or YOURS?
  4. WHY you want to learn? Because it’s F.A.S.T! Fun Accessible Simple Teachable! That’s WHY!
  5. WHAT do you learn? To ‘play by ear’ or ‘sight read’? NO! You learn a NEW language of Emoji + Sound Spectrum based images that are memorable and music making magic.
  6. WHICH way do you learn? With O.L.L.L.I.E and theMini-Mentors through Over-Learning and Locked-In-Learning.
  7. WHERE do you learn? Alone? NO! Sat with someone who wants YOU to learn and grow and to share the joy of learning WITH YOU!

7 Music Learning unABLES

udes Ages & Abilities &

7 COLOURS of Multi-Memory Emoji-Go! Music Making Magic

The DNAtoG Chord Rainbow

DNAtoG Music Rainbow!Music is a Sound Spectrum – We’ve made it a Colour Spectrum too – with the added fun of learning with The Emoji-Go! Happy Family Smiley’s and O.L.L.I.E. and the Over-Learning & Locked-In-Exercises Mini-Mentors!

So here’s our Spectrum of Music Learning, Playing, Singing, Reading, Writing, Joining, Sharing Music – for Life!

Here’s how we see a Rainbow approach to music learning and making in The 7 Colours of Music Making & Learning….

Red – The Colour of Passion and Fun…..Test Me! Find My ‘Smile Style’ that gets me Learning.

The Smile Style is Shapes, Shades and Speed of looking at things that make me want to learn in the way I love to learn.

Am I Yellow or Violet, Squiggle or Box, Triangle or Circle, red or Blue, Fast or Slow Thinking?

ALL of these will have an impact of … 1. the way YOU love to learn…..2. The way you are taught be your teachers and mentors.

Click here to Test Me! – Coming Soon

Orange – The Amber Colour of Wait and Think! So show me my ‘V6 Senses’.

See the V6 of F.A.S.T! Learning and work out what truly makes music the ‘Whole Brain’ and ‘Whole Body’ Learning Experience that impacts on EVERYTHING we are, learn and do – not just music.

Starting with 1. Our Visual Sense – what we SEE 2. Our Visceral Sense – what we FEEL – both INSIDE & OUTSIDE of us. 3. Our Vocal Sense – what we SAY & SING 4. Our Verbal Sense – what we react to as we READ & IN LYRICS. 5. Our Virtual Sense – what we do ON-LINE and most of all our sense of 6. Our Value and Values – what we see to be IMPORTANT and how we act because of HOW MUCH IT HELPS! And it’s the last one of these the Music 6th Sense of what we Value that is SO missing form people’s lives and understanding today! Eeeeeeeeeeek. I’m Crazy and it’s CRAZY!

Click here for the V6 Senses

Yellow – The Colour of The Sun! Show me the ‘Keep Learning Colour’ of HAPPYness!

Happy says. I LOVE Yellow. It just makes me HAPPY. And it’s the KEEP LEARNING Colour of The 5 Ways of Wonderful Wellbeing – That’s a WOWW! The UK Government Office for Science commissioned the New Economics Foundation nef to undertake a Global study amongst academics and experts to sum up what makes up ‘wellbeing’ in life and work.

Before I give you the answers here’s the thing – that MUSICAL WELLBEING is just about the MOST potent thing we can have – not just listening but BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS, PLAYING AND BEING ACTIVE IN LIFE, DISCOVERING THE JOYS OF MUSIC MAKING, LEARNING ALL THE TIME and MAKING OTHERS LIVES HAPPY!

The ever-growing body of scientific study and academic evidence of the power of music learning and playing covers all our 3D’s – from assisting in our educational development to helping our learning difficulties improve through this ‘whole-brain and body’ experience activity.

Music welbeing goes right through every aspect of our lives from assisting in physical health issues like brain damage to mental health issues like depression.

Read LOTS more on The Dynamite Dyslexics MusiBlog. So what are The 5 Ways of Wonderful Wellbeing – That are a WOWW!???

The 5 Ways of Wonderful Wellbeing – That’s really are a WOWW! are the way we CONNECTBE ACTIVETAKE NOTICE KEEP LEARNING and most of all for others to GIVE!

Click here for tThe 5 Ways of Wonderful Wellbeing – That’s a WOWW!

Green – The Colour of Nature. Show Me ‘The 4 Multi-Modes ‘n Memory Makers’ That Make Me Remember – NATURALLY!

FOLKSY is me in the Green Cap. I say.. What makes me move and laugh and love the most? Music? No! Music Making!!!

Music is SO MUCH MORE than just an activity in its own right. It is SO MUCH MORE than something that you can do to feel better if you do it – well or not! It is SO MUCH MORE than a separate educational piece of learning that sits by itself and you don’t need to bother with as it has no impact on anything else you do. WRONG!

O.L.L.I.E says……Think of this 95% of young students in the US went on to Higher Education who DID STUDY MUSIC – yes 95%. Say it again….95%!!!! Only half, yes only half that’s only 50% who DID NOT STUDY MUSIC went on the Higher Education. WHY? Because learning music is SO MUCH MORE than a ‘Right Brain’ (think art) activity; or a ‘Left Brain’ (think maths and science) activity. It’s a WHOLE BRAIN ACTIVITY. It’s the only way to get EXTRA brain power as BOTH SIDES work together and INCREASE EVERYTHING! Well, not everything!

And it’s SO MUCH MORE than even a ‘Whole Brain’ activity. It’s a ‘WHOLE BODY ACTIVITY‘. You have to move, to touch, to feel, to hear and you swing and sway and cry and laugh and love (and hate sometimes) and learn to use your body to do it again and again and again. So we come to the first of The 4 Multi-Memory Makers;

  1. Multi-Modal Memory Making – Do the Hi-5! xTimes of Letters, Colours, Characters, Numbers & Numerals, Lines & Spaces. That’s Multi-Modal Memory Making!
  2. Multi-Sensory Memory Making – Do the Hi-5! xTimes of See, Say & Sing, Touch & Feel, Play, Hear. That’s Multi-Sensory Memory Making
  3. Muscle Memory Making – Teach my BODY to learn. Do the Hi-5! xTimes of both of the above with O.L.L.I.E and play and Over-Learn to start and your Fingers will ‘know’ what to do!
  4. Music Memory Making – Teach my MIND to learn. Do the Hi-5! xTimes of both of the above with J.O.L.L.I.E and PLAY! and enjoy Locked-In-Exercise and ‘understanding’ will follow.

Blue – The Colour of The Sky. Show Me Why The 3D’s Affect ME!!!??? I DON’T Have ANY Difficulties or Disabilities! But we have ALL the UNIQUE DIFFERENCES there are to have!

Gypsy says….As we ‘Wander Lonely Like A Cloud’ (Wordsworth!) in the clear blue sky we may not have a care in the world. And whoever is teaching us music may think the same.

So why should you…or they think that you should have any trouble learning music? Because you are DIFFERENT! Who to? Everybody else! We all have our very own ways of learning as we have shown in the 4 Multi-Modes & Memory Makers above. Whether or not you have any Learning or other of what we call Life’s Difficulties and Disabilities the WAY WE ALL LEARN IS DIFFERENT!

So…DIFFERENT is the first of our 3D’s. And here’s the thing about Difficulties and Disabilities. It’s our 80/20 Rule. Get it RIGHT for the 20% who have Difficulties and Disabilities when it comes to how to present and deliver anything – but especially Music and you get it right for the 80% who don’t. THAT’S 100% RIGHT!!!!

Indigo – Or is it the colour of being in the PINK? I would be if you show me the F.A.S.T! way to learn how JUST TWO KEYS will make me feel ‘In the PINK! Why? So I can play Any Key, Anywhere, Anytime. Really???

Jazzy Says – Everybody thinks that JAZZ is SO COMPLICATED. Yep! It is! But the funny thing is it is lots of SIMPLE STEPS added together that make it so COOL! And there are ONLY TWO KEYS that you need to know in music to get you going Major and Minor. So I just want to show you how And there are ONLY TWO KEY NUMBERS that will keep you going – forever. What are they?

Well lets look at Major Keys first. They ALL have ONLY TWO KEY NUMBERS to get your Muscle Memory and your Music Memory going. That’s 3/4 and 7/8. Funny that, but these simple ratios , fractions or better still SIMPLE FORMULA are all it takes. Because 3/4 of the way up a Scale you MUST play two notes ‘stick’ next to each other. In the Key of C – that’s on the White Notes on the keyboard, its’ the E and F that are STUCK RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! It’s the same with 7/8……. The B and C are STUCK RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! So if you learn any scale as two halves of ….. 1 2 3/4 and …. 5 6 7/8 … then that’s it! And everything else will follow. Your Muscle Memory and Music Memory will follow your FINGERS!

What about the Minor Keys? Well, it’s AMAZINGLY the same SIMPLE FORMULA . They ALL have the ONLY TWO KEY NUMBERS to get your Muscle Memory and your Music Memory going.That’s 2/3 and 5/6. That’s because the Minor key uses EXACTLY THE SAME NOTES AS THE MAJOR KEY – just three notes lower. So they have to be the same ones next to each other. Just this time the Minor Key like A Minor has B and C that are STUCK and E and F are STUCK. Here they come STUCK after the main root note of A.

Here’s the thing. All the other ways of playing what are called MODES which we call MOODS use the SAME NOTES STUCK TOGETHER! You just start on a different ‘root’ note to give it a different feel. And we have made every Mode ‘n Mood an Emoji Smiley to help you learn how and what to Play. The rest as they say…will be (your) HISTORY!

And our goal has been to make everything like 1234….. as SIMPLE as we can make it. And F.A.S.T! Fun Accessible Simple Teachable! Because even Music Teachers say how HARD it is!

Violet – The Colour Purple – Purple Rain – Purple Haze – Deep Purple – The Colour of Music Royalty! So show me why this Music thing is so important and what are you doing about it!

This is the last on the list of A to G! And it is THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL! Our MISSION. It’s this…..‘To help as many people as we can to learn and love and laugh with the PASSION for Music Learning, Playing, Singing, Writing, Joining, Making and Sharing.” That’s it!