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The 5 Ways Of Wellbeing through Music Education!

So MUCH More Than Just Tunes and Tones - It's A Lifetime Of Total Wellbeing through the Ways of Your Mind and Body Working Well Too!

Music is a 'WHOLE BRAIN' and 'WHOLE BEING' activity. Art is a 'right brain' activity. Maths is 'left brain' activity. Music learning (not listening!) gets BOTH sides of the brain working TOGETHER. It creates new synapses, new ways of thinking, acting and being. How? Because not only are both sides of the brain working so too is the body. You MOVE. You TOUCH. You HEAR. You FEEL. You CRY. You Laugh. You SMILE. You EXPERIENCE. That's what it does.

Yet now only 1/3 of students in the US learn music at school. In 1985 it was nearly 1/2. And in a test 95% of music learning students went on to Higher Education versus 50% who didn't. That's nearly ALL versus HALF! Why? Because music builds brains, memory and thinking. So here's the 5 Ways of Wellbeing Working - for YOU!  That's a WOWW!

CONNECT - The No. 1 WOWW! It's all about how music helps us to talk, discuss, interact, share and enjoy music learning and music making - together.

BE ACTIVE - No matter what physical or mental or learning issues you face actually playing music gives both a wellbeing physical benefit and brain building learning benefit.

TAKE NOTICE - We ALL take notice of music at some stage - almost every day. Whether listening, singing, humming, watching TV or the movies music is used to enhance our emotional responses. It's in us!

KEEP LEARNING - This is the BIG ONE! Not only are we enhanced by listening to music so too is the benefit we get in almost every aspect of our lives by learning music - eyes, mind, arms, hands - touch, fell, sound, sight they all work together to build our physical and mental and emotional lives.#

GIVE - Pleasure, fun, enjoyment to yourself and all others as you share the joy of music. .....That's a WOW! ME!

For more on the research that is increasingly being taken and more discovered visit the MuseTube video page here.. that's a WOW! ME! too!

The Patent - The Thinking - The Research

It started off as coloured 'SticKey Music' as an idea then the power of Emoji learning and emotional language was added; then it turned into a 25,000 words and designs UK Patent Application with a mass of research on the '6 inconsistencies' of music notation and why it's SO DIFFICULT - for everybody; never mind (or included in the Patents) those with learning and life's difficulties and disabiities. Why do it? To create the intellectual rigour and thought process that showed how the research into music wellbeing as well as the 3D's was DESPERATELY NEEDED!

Next Steps To The MusLEXic Learning ...

We're going to conduct some new research. On our own LMS Learning Music System and externally too in the UK. So, for Music Mentors and Mentees too, and even if you aren't, we want to find out how, when are how much music people are learning and playing - and equate this to how the power of music learning affects everyone - of every ability - or not!