Hi I’m Happy – The Major Mood ‘n Mode Smiley. Time to show you just what make me Happy when it comes to Learning and Loving Music Making – with or without the 3D’s of all our Learning Differences and Life’s Difficulties and Disabilities. I call them the 4 Multi-Modes of Music Learning Magic. We are ALL DIFFERENT – so how you mix ‘n match each of the Multi-Modes is up to YOU and your Mentor to work out what’s best for YOU – and the way THEY teach and mentor you.

1. Multi-Sensory – Appeals to our human senses and the power of music to affect all of them! Yes! Even Taste and Smell which we sing about songs that evoke those senses too.

2. Multi-Modal – The different ways to we process information – The Hi-5! xTimes ways of MusLEXic learning – Letters, Colours, Words, Numbers ‘n Numberals,Staff ‘n Tabs

3. Multi-Media -The way we learn today with On-line Learning, Apps, Sheet Music, Videos, Social Media, Music Sharing, Learning Sharing

All of this leads to…

4. Multi-Motivational – The things that keep us motivated – by ourselves and with our Music Mentors: Fun, Laughter, Emoji Smileys, Colourful Language, Notation and Characters, Praise, Feedback and the Multi-Sensory, Multi-Modal, Multi-Media way we learn, laugh and love Music Making.